About Us


Life Challenge WNC teaches women a whole new way of living. The curriculum offered addresses issues surrounding hurtful family experiences, grief and loss, codependency, boundaries, and other real-life skills.

Life Challenge WNC believes the key to recovery and healing is based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship provides the motivation and power for developing a whole new way of living. Life Challenge of Western North Carolina is a residential program that attempts to help the whole person, not just the substance abuse problem. Life Challenge WNC offers assistance to people with a variety of life-controlling problems which lead to a life of brokenness. If those problems are not addressed, there is little chance of long-term success.

Most women requesting assistance from Life Challenge are struggling with substance abuse; however, we often find that substance abuse is not their only problem. Over 57% of women have experienced various forms of abuse. For many, drugs are a means of medicating the pain resulting from that abuse.