Admission Procedures


The single most important factor for admittance into Life Challenge of WNC is the attitude of the woman seeking help.  A sincere desire to find spiritual help must be indicated when the applicant is interviewed.  We have found that until the applicant is willing to accept God’s help, we cannot be of assistance in her recovery.

Our program is 12 months in length and we are usually filled to capacity.  The following requirements must be met in order to be considered for admission:

  1. The applicant must phone our admissions office to discuss her current situation with the staff and tell why she feels the need to enter our program.
  2. Staff will have the interested person download the application from our website, fill it out and return it to us.  We will carefully review the application and will respond as quickly as possible. We can also fax or mail the application.
  3. The application contains three separate forms: The Student Application, Physician Recommendation Form and the Counselor Recommendation Form.  Please email completed forms to or fax to 828-631-0058.
  4. Once all the above forms have been completed and returned to us, staff will call the applicant to set up a phone interview.
  5. The purpose of the interview is to discern whether or not the woman is truly ready to receive help and for staff to determine whether or not our program would benefit the applicant.
  6. We will not admit an applicant into our program who is heavily intoxicated or sedated.
  7. Persons requiring medication or special medical attention will have their situation reviewed on an individual basis.
  8. Because of the proven correlation between alcohol, drugs and tobacco addiction, we allow absolutely no use of tobacco products while in our program.  One of the goals of the program is to overcome all self-destructive addictions including addiction to tobacco.


Listed below are various forms pertaining to Life Challenge, WNC. 

Please select the form you need and either click on the link to open in your browser or right click and save the PDF to your computer to print later.